I thought I'd list this now in case someone wants to save up for it...I bought DH a gaming laptop for his birthday and will be giving it to him in a couple weeks. He has a nice gaming desktop but it's a bit on the big side and he obviously can't take it with him when he goes off for training and stuff.

It looks like this: Click me

I'll have to double check the specs, we've done a lot of upgrades. I'll have to double check the processor but we upgraded the video to a 256 card, 1gb of memory. It runs Everquest 2 and WoW without lag. Asking $400 plus shipping. But we can't sell it till after August 15th cuz the laptop won't ship till the 10th and DH has to pull all his stuff off the desktop. It's only the PC, no monitor or anything. I think we can include speakers but they aren't like the ones in the picture, they're just plain ones.