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Thread: Car Maintenance Work

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    Thumbs Up Car Maintenance Work

    Hi Ladies,
    Dh is starting to do some work on the side, and I would like to let you all know about what he does. We dont' have a huge garage so he's pretty limited on what he can do, but he can do most basic maintenance work for a good price :

    Oil Changes
    Air filter replacement
    Tire rotations
    Topping off fluids
    Break pads (depending on how big the car is, lol)
    Check your rotors
    Coolant flushes

    And probably other stuff, just depends on what you need done. If you need some work done, and don't want to pay a super high price at the dealer or a repair shop, dh would just charge you for the actual parts he has to use, and a small fee for his labor . We live in San Diego County in Escondido, if you are interested just shoot me a PM
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    I wish we lived in your area! My husband knows NOTHING about cars.
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    thats way cool Renee

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