Thinking about starting your own blog or website?
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(You can see the chart better at my flickr.) is a great webhost... I've been using them for years with no problems. Customer service is always quick, and they are very patient with non-code-savvy people (like me).

When you sign up for hosting with them, you may use a discount code that another user creates through their rewards program. Most people set theirs to be 50 dollars off, so they can keep some of the reward money. I've maxxed out the discounts for you (as shown in the chart).

Why? Because that makes my discount code The Very Best... so you get the best deal. Seriously? A year of hosting for less than 25 dollars? Awesome.

And if you refer someone, I get $5 because it's a second-level referral. So I only get reward money if you refer someone, and you win by getting the very best deal on webhosting. (And you can make your own 97-dollars-off coupon code too, to do the same thing).

Promo Code: JoyfulMax

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PS You can PM me or comment in this post if you have any questions at all.