If you join my Tupperware team today only(5-31-07) I will give you $20 back after you join! That is right, if you pick the $69.99 package you in reality will only pay $49.99! Right now is an amazing time to join Tupperware! You are never alone with our team! Someone is always there to help you out when you have a question. We have a Yahoo group, we have team chats, calls and more! I would love to have you on my team! Do you have a question about it? Shoot me an email at soniasmith@my2.tupperware.com

Visit http://www.mytupperware.com/soniasmith click on the news tab and fill out the form available for you.

Thank you and have a Tupper-riffic day!

Sonia Smith

*Payment will be made by Paypal, money orders are available upon request.