If you are interested in learning more about military-related policies and decisions being made by our government (which inevitably effect US) and if you would like to become more politically savvy and/or active, join Military Spouses for Change (www.militaryspousesforchange.com). This is the first political organization that is focused on the spouses of service-members and vets. (Membership is free BUT not necessary to use the site.)

The organization is just beginning, inspired by the upcoming Presidential election. You can blog and ask questions or share your thoughts and opinions on what the government is doing or thinking about doing. The group is NON-PARTISAN. We are focusing on the ISSUES that effect us, not party affiliation.

MSC wants feedback and suggestions about what its members (and site users b/c you don't have to be a member in order to blog and interact with the site) think about current politics, politicians, and policy decisions.

MSC wants to arrange candidate visits to military installations and/or FRGs or other spouse groups.

ANYONE can be a part of MSC, including girlfriends, fiances, and other family members of service-members and vets.

Check us out!