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Thread: FOR SALE: High Chair/Grocery Cart Covers

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    FOR SALE: High Chair/Grocery Cart Covers

    My friend Chrissi in Fallon NV. posted this as a bulletin on myspace and I just wanted to repost here if anyone is interested...

    Did you know that grocery carts/high chairs have been found to host more germs than public bathrooms. EWWW HUH! Because of this I initially made a combination cover for both grocery carts and restraunt high chairs rather than buying two seperate ones. Since then I have been approached by many people requesting me to make one for them or someone they know. At this point I decided to start selling them. I will also be selling them through my doctors office since they requested it as well. If you are local and it doens't have to be shipped they will be $25. If I have to ship them they will be $30 including shipping. Attached is the web page about them including different color options.
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    Thanks for sharing Al-Me

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