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Thread: WoW- Burning Crusade-

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    WoW- Burning Crusade-

    Ok so about 5 weeks ago, I bought the game from Amazon for $32.99. Well I got impatient a week ago so I bought it from the Powerzone (for like $39.99).

    I got it today in the mail (I must have selected the slow shipping ), and I havn't even opened it- so if anyone is interested in buying it from me- just tell me here or pm me. I was going to return the game to Amazon but it seems way too complicated so I am selling it.

    I'll sell it for 30 bucks straight lol. Thats $2.99 off And i'll pay for shipping.

    Bargain really
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    I will talk to DB he may want it for when he gets out of AIT. Actually I know he will, unless of course he can use mine (which I doubt)

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