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Thread: Strawberries! $1.00 / pint (Arkansas)

  1. FrothySilvette
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    Strawberries! $1.00 / pint (Arkansas)

    At my local commissary (Arkansas) ... I went in for usual shopping and they had a huge moutain of cartons (8 pints/ carton) for less than $1.00 / pint!!
    I bought a TON!!

    She said that tomorrow is the last day for the sale - and I don't know if it's just at my Comm or not - but thought I'd pass it on.

    And these are the gooooood kind - NONE of the ones I bought were bad and they are HUGE and delicious!!
    I'm foodsaving them left and right! They'll keep for a long time that way.
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    We had them for sale for a buck a pint at the commy in Mayport too! (here in Florida) I bought two containers and DD and I have been munching them like crazy
  3. God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy...
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    God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy...
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    I got them for 99 cents at walmart last weekend!
  4. FrothySilvette
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    I wish my walmart was in competition with my commissary! But they aint!!

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