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Thread: Bull Terrier for Sale

  1. Marciejaramillo
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    Bull Terrier for Sale

    I know i feel really bad but we figured its best we sell him. He is a year old Bull Terrier, he has all of his shots, he has papers and also he has a certified chip in him. He is a great dog he loves to play, his favorite snacks are bannanas. Its just my huband has been gone off and on and i am taking care of him and my two kids we figured that thisis the best way. We bought him for 2,500 dollars, my husband said to ask for 2,000 but I was thinking 1,500. I knowits a little steep but these dogs run for 3,000 or more. So pm me if interested I can also post pictures of him his name is domino too.

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    I didn't know what kind of dog that was so I looked him up

    and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!

    I don't think I've ever seen one in real life before but they are really super cute dogs. And I don't normally like anything that weighs less than me (I like the big breeds). What are they like as far as personality and temperment?

    I can't buy him from you but I hope you find a good home for him.
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    yeah i like big breeds too brandi
  4. Marciejaramillo
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    he is Very playful, he does trick such as lay down, he sit and he gives paw, and stand on his back legs. He loves to be loved and he is very protective of his family. Like if somebody was to knock on door or if you are by yourself he lets you know by barking just to inform you. Hes a great dog and its killing my husband but Its just to much he didn't know he was gonna be gone all the time. Domino kinda looks just like the target dog with a brown patch over his right eye I would post a picture but i'm not quit sure how but I will soon
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    He's a Spuds McKenzie dog!!!
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    He's like the puppy from Little Rascals!!!!!! CUUUUUUTE!

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  7. Marciejaramillo
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    yea he gets that alot...Do any of you know how to put pictures up of him??
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    I hope you are able to find him a home

    I use to have 3 of those dogs about 14 years ago

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