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Thread: 2 Double Strollers for Sale!

  1. bunkie
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    2 Double Strollers for Sale!

    Joovy Sit-n-Stand in Red and Black
    Used 2 months on sale for limited time at BRU. I paid 180, asking 150 postage paid!
    BRU Link for total item description

    Combi Twin Savvy EX Charcol Grey and Mango
    Used 3 months, paid 199.99 asking 150 postage paid!
    Stroller is no longer avaliable in Mango, becoming hard to find color.
    BRU Link for total item description

    (spots you see in photo are water spots from seat getting wet in the trunk. The pading is removable and will be washed before I send it in natural free and clear detergent. Slight fading of COMBI on the lap rail on one side.

  2. Chrissie
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    I may buy the combi from you. could you hold on to for a week or two?
  3. *~*Terri*~*
    *~*Terri*~*'s Avatar
    I think I may take the first one...I'm gonna PM you about it
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  4. bunkie
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    I answered both your pm's ladies!

    Just wanted to clarify the price on the Joovy. The reason its 150 is becasue its going to cost me around 50 dollars to ship. It has to be custom boxed as I tossed my box (big mistake) so basically the stroller itself is 100 bucks. I am eating the shipping and taking a loss on my purchase.

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