Hey all! I haven't seen anyone on the boards who does young living essential oils yet, so I thought I'd introduce myself! I decided to get into essential oils and get away from medications. After my LO was born I wanted to take the most natural approach to parenting that I could, so I slowly began the change. First I began eating organic fruits and veggies, then cloth diapers, then cloth wipes and home made wipe solution, then essential oils and natural remedies, then I started looking at how many chemicals I come in contact with before I even eat breakfast, then I started looking into how I can use thieves oil to replace cleaners, and now I am REALLY learning great things about all of the benefits adding EOs can do! I have gone back and fourth about sunscreen for my LO. I know he needs protection from the sun, but even the all natural sunscreens have chemicals. The other day I found out carrot seed EO can be used as an all natural sunscreen. Anywho, if anyone is interested in more info or would like to place an order at a discount please feel free to PM me! I will gladly add an order for you, and no minimums need to be me to get the discount I would love to chat with other people who are interested in EOs! Check out the website, because there is more than just essential oils on there! Essential Oils & Blends | Young Living Essential Oils