I need to de-stash some of my fluff. I will be adding pictures as I can and I can post or pm additional pictures if I need to. I really just need these gone since I have too many right now. All prices are PPD but I will discount for multiple orders or if you want to mmao that is great too. I really just want them not here anymore.

First row- Geometrical shapes and hearts. Both are MoDia OS Hybrid Fitteds. Geometrical shapes has slight staining on inside liner but it should sun out (we just don't have any right now to try that) - Hearts does have heart snaps on tabs and back. $18ppd each

Second row top is a "boogie bear creations" hybrid fitted OS. It is a second to me and purchased did have a ton of holes on the outside. All have been fray checked and they don't effect the function at all they just don't look super pretty. $8ppd
Second row bottom is "BinkyDdiaper" hybrid fitted os. Inside staining from when I purchased it doesn't effect function. $10ppd

Third row is "Baby Ten" hybrid fitted OS beautiful orange strips VGUC $20ppd

Tangerine Baby hybrid os fitteds. Right has slight hole on top of gusset. Has been fray checked but doesn't effect function at all. $18ppd each

The following are all pockets

(these are the last 2 sunbabies that I have and I am so having a hard time parting with them as they were firsts and favorites. )
Sunbaby birdie OS pocket WITH 1 bamboo blend insert. ) 8ppd

Sunbaby Lotus flowers OS pocket WITH 1 bamboo blend insert. 8ppd

Alva minky OS pocket birds WITH 1 bamboo blend insert. 8ppd

Alva sea creatures OS pocket NO insert. $6ppd

MoDia pocket birdie tweet OS WITH 1 hemp double insert plus 1 bamboo doubler included. $15ppd