We are selling all of the stuff we don't use a lot! I have started a facebook album of the things that we have for sale, if you're at Bragg and interested let me know and I will send you a link to the album! Today I posted almost 70 pictures of different things and next week there will be more added.

2 big things; leather couch and flat screen tv (although there are about 5 people currently considering buying it)

Types of things;

House decor- curtains, candles, baskets, ect

clothes- shoes and clothes (clothes will prob be added next week)

office supplies, books (to be added)

electronics- home phone, alarm clocks, dvd player, xbox 360 (to be added), xbox 360 games, dvd's and blurays

3 weeks until the movers are here and I get my tonsils out tomorrow!