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Thread: camp pendleton (fish tank)

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    camp pendleton (fish tank)

    65 gallon fish tank.
    3 fish.
    jack dempsey cichlid ( not pictured cause he's a pansy and hides when i clean the tank.)
    angel catfish
    and plecko
    2 filters, fish food and water purifier. it is a freshwater tank just add a tiny bit of salt to keep the water nice.
    and the siphon to clean the tank with.
    140 OBO the stand is NOT included.
    call or text 626-392-9660 we can deliver, depending on where you are located.then add like...10 bucks or something ahaha =D

    p.s sorry the water is so low, i was cleaning it hahaha

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    I'd be all over this if we were in your area -- I was just poking around on CL today in the need to feed my multiple tank syndrome I will say, though, w/out the stand or a hood/light assembly (there isn't one in your photos so I'm assuming you aren't including one) you may find yourself hard pressed to sell it even at your asking price. Tank setups are one of those things that cost a fortune to build up, but aren't worth much once you want to sell them used unless you are including high-end filtration systems or the "furniture" to go with the tank.

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