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Thread: 32 GB Zune HD, two Bluetooth Headsets, Sims 3 and others!

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    32 GB Zune HD, two Bluetooth Headsets, Sims 3 and others!

    Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player (Platinum)

    It works amazingly.
    My husband used to use it a lot, but hasn't much since he got a smart phone.
    He took VERY good care of it and there is very little, if any, wear and tear.

    Sorry for the blurry first photo, just showing that it works!

    Comes with Zune headphones and USB charger.

    Garmin nuvi 200 GPS.
    Nothing wrong with it. It works well, we just have no use for it anymore.
    It comes with the charger and windshield mount.

    LG HMB-260 Bluetooth Headset.
    Universal Standard Bluetooth Headset.
    Never opened.
    New in box.
    From Verizon.

    Plantronics M20 Bluetooth Headset
    Product is now discontinued.
    My husband used it once or twice. He's just not into using the headset.
    Comes with charger.

    Radar Detector- Whistler XTR 335
    Husband bought it and used it for a while. It's missing one of the suction cups so he stopped using it. It works nicely.

    3 City Modes
    360° Maxx Coverage
    Alert Periscopes
    Alert Priority
    Dim/Dark Modes
    High Gain Lens
    Numeric Icon Display
    POP™ Mode Detection
    Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
    Real Voice® Alert
    Safety Warning System -- SWS
    Setting Saver
    Stay Alert™
    Total Band™ Protection
    Vehicle Battery Saver
    VG-2 Detection

    Size: 4.410 x 2.840 x 1.350
    Weight: 5.400
    Insert Color: Black
    Power: 12V

    Sims 3. PC game. I played it a time or two.
    I'm just not into too much.

    Shippng will more than likely be $5 on anything unless you want more than one thing and all prices are negotiable.

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    I will ask DF if he wants the Zune. He keeps losing his He gave up after the 4th went missing but maybe it's time to try again
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey

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