random collection i know haha.


black boots 25$ no idea how much shipping would be for these. so add that on if they have to be shipped. worn like 3 times.

black wedges. not my deal . worn once for MIL wedding. 12$

worn just around the house. brand spankin new 20$

same as the silver ones lol...

checkered heels. worn... idk how many times, probably like 4. 10$

all shoes are 7 1/2 true to size. and pretty comfy =]

dog crate 50$ (hubby said 50 but we'll take less.)

metal, collapsible, medium sized, i can get a picture if you want. it was 90$ and we used it all of a month maybe... our dog grew out of it way to fast and now neither need it. we have a 95lb bulldog. good for like a 40-60 pound dog.

Cuisinart Webstore 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

Waffle maker, brandnew! it was a wedding gift awhile ago... but i hate waffles.... heheh never used. ever. not even opened. ahah
ill take like 45$ for it. idk.

Copco® Vienna Red Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettle - Bed Bath & Beyond
that tea pot, in a box as well, we got 4 freaking teapots. returned 1, broke 1, used 1, selling 1. hahahah 12$.

and for all this stuff im in camp pendleton im willing to meet some one some where or willing to ship, BUT shipping prices WILL Be ADDED ON =] let me know if you guys want anything