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Thread: Pure Romance: Help me get back to Active Status!

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    Hello Pure Romance: Help me get back to Active Status!

    If anyone can spare $20 please head out to my link in my signature as I'm trying to get back to "Active" Status with Pure Romance. I have to sell $250 worth of products within 8 weeks! I'm only $50 shy! And I just re-activated yesterday!
    We have LOTS of new products, and even gift sets! For Mother's Day coming up we even have a "Spa" type package. Believe it or not Pure Romance is not just about "spicing" up your sex life. We are about promoting the overall health (sexual and not sexual) and beauty of females!
    So give it a whirl....just look at all the new products!
    If you cannot get past my size and my exterior, there is no way I'm letting you know how great I am on the inside as bestsellers are not judged by their covers"

    Back in the Pure Romance Business....visit my page at

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    Well I can't buy from you right now but I can before your 8 weeks is up. Even if you have all the money you need by then, I think I'll still buy from you. I could use some things but I am going to see MF soon so I need to make sure I have money for while I'm there. Once I get back though, I will purchase from you!

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