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Thread: I am Selling Avon!!

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    Big Grin I am Selling Avon!!

    Yes I am!!

    My Avon site is
    AVON Representative YESENIA ESCOBAR serving the Miami, FL area

    We have lots of great deals & products, and we even have a new hair dyes with beautiful colors for only 5.99!

    and I know Mother's day is around the corner this would be great to buy yourself(or give clues to your husband) and your mothers gifts in Avon for less! :]

    so come check it out!!!!

    Ohhhhh and free delivery with a 30 dollars order!!

    thank you and hope you all have a wonderful day! and weekend

    Ps. if you want anything from avon let me know so i can do you the order process :]
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