Sooooooooooooooooooo a few months ago a girlfriend of mine put me on to this website where you can get some pretty cute glasses (frame and prescription) and for FREE!! I thought nothing is for free but honestly you put in the code "FIRSTPAIRFREE" and all you pay is the shipping....which is like $5-$10!

You have the option of adding some coating and other things if you want for an additional cost but that's only if you opt for glasses with scratch resistance coating and expedited shipping was $20 friend however just got the glasses with no additions and she paid less than $10....

it's actually legit and they're super cute ones to chose's a pic of me and the ones I got!

so for anyone who is interested the website is here: Contact Lenses, Designer Eyeglasses, Sunglasses & More | Coastal™ remember code is "FIRSTPAIRFREE" (unless it's changed but they have the code right there on the site for you to take advantage of it)

Note: This is for basic/standard glasses...if you have astigmatism, want transitions or have a pretty strong prescription it's not free for that, but still probably cheaper than anywhere else!