i just finished cleaning out my closet, and i have alot of clothes, purses, wallets, just a bunch of stuff. my prices are negotiable. so dont rule anything out because of the price, we can work something out.but for the most part everything is pretty cheap! please let me know if your interested in anything or have questions. you can PM me or e-mail me at marymomme@yahoo.com please be sure to check out my next thread of clothing, cell phones and internet data sticks! i should have that up by tomorrow.


small vera bradley handbag-40$ only used once.

both bags are 5$ each. the pink is victoria secret and the other one is lancomb i think??

small black wallet 5 dollars

medium akdmiks purse asking 25$

small black clutch used once, asking 15$

clinique makeup bag-5$

roxy tote, asking 10$

size 6 peep toe black pumps-30$

SIZE 6 peep toe wedge heals (very cute) asking 15$

SIZE 6 leather peep toe heal, very sexy! asking 20$

SIZE 6 white strappy heals slightly worn, asking 15$

SIZE 6 black slip on with very small heal. very comfy, asking 8$

SIZE 6 white leather pumps asking 25$

silver clunch, used once paid 30 for it but asking for 20$

nine west authentic purse never used! asking 50 dollars

black and white medium tote asking 13$

brown wallet with room for checks-10 dollars

black wallet with room for checks asking 10 dollars

white wallet asking 5 dollars.