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Thread: baby stuff updated with some pictures

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    baby stuff updated with some pictures

    here are some pictures so far.. i have a bunch more still. Prices are negotiable, prices dont include shipping.. thanks for looking

    Baby Bather*never been used,still in box*$10.00

    Lamb stuff animal, when you pull down on it, it sings a lullaby $3.00

    3 pack of bottles, never been opened $3.00

    Washcloths,Never been opened $2.00

    Tiger Outfit*Preemie*$4.00

    4 pack washcloths*never been opened*$2.00 (i have two packs)

    White baby outfit*3-6 months*$2.00

    Supports baby's head*$1.00

    Onesie with rainbow on it*6-9 months*$2.00

    Handmade Green Booties*never worn*$3.00

    fitted bassinet sheet*$2.00

    Prenatal heart listener*Hear,Record & Email your baby's heartbeat*$10.00

    Onesie*6 months*$1.00

    Purple & White No scratch mittens*$2.00

    Yellow socks with flowers*$1.00

    Pumpkin outfit*glows in the dark*6-9 months*never worn*$5.00

    Burp Cloth*$1.00

    All bibs i will do 3 for a $1 or all the bibs for $3.00

    Bib 1

    Bib 2

    Bib 3

    Bib 4

    Bib 5

    Bib 6

    Bib 7

    Hats i will do $1.00 each,4 for $2.00

    Hat 1 (multi-color)

    Hat 2 (ivory)

    Hat 3 (yellow)

    Hat 4 (blue)

    Hat 5 (blue, with lion & says roar)

    Hat 6 (blue & navy)

    Hat 7 (yellow)

    Hat 8 (blue)

    Hat 9 (yellow)

    Hat 10 (blue)

    Hat 11 (navy)

    Hat 12 (blue)

    Hat 13 (blue & says allstar)

    Hat 14 (blue)

    Hat 15 (blue & white)

    Hat 16 (green)

    Hat 17 (blue)

    Hat 18 (blue)

    Hat 19 (white)

    Hat 20 ( White bonnet with animals)
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