I have the wii my fitness coach I am trying to sell. I have only used it a few times. I decided to get a gym membership. We just don't have the room to do that stuff in my house. So I am posting it here.

Don't confuse it with the wii fit. There are NO accessories to go with it, and you don't have to hold the remote while working out. You can set your goals, choose different backgrounds and music. After a portion it will ask how you are doing and you respond based on if it was too hard, just right, or too easy, so it can adjust to get you working. I wore my calorie watch and burn about 600 calories in an hour workout. Its very helpful ad has manydifferent workouts, but I just can't do them in my tiny living room.

Wii My Fitness Coach $20 (free shipping)
Wii Family Game Night $24 (free shipping)