We are selling our 30 gallon salt water tank with EVERYTHING you need to run it and keep it going. We are PCSing from Camp Pendleton to VA,a nd know the anemones won't make it or the live rock or fish...:cry

-- all fish (at least 5 hermit crabs, emerald crab, domino damsel, ocellaris/Nemo (he does go in the anemone!), blue damsel, baby chocolate chip star fishes, anemones
-- live rock (worth $160 alone)
-- filters, stand, chemicals, any salt we have left
--large net
--magnetic glass cleaner
--test strip kit (was $30)
--hand gravity vacuum (not pictured)
--frozen food (brine shrimp and nutrient mix, 2 kinds) for at least the next 2 months (not pictured)

PM me if interested! I have pictures but can't post them here at work!