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Thread: **Classifieds Rules & Information**

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    Exclamation **Classifieds Rules & Information**

    **Buying & selling on is done at your own risk.**

    The site & it's Staff are not responsible for sales that go wrong. If a buyer or seller has a history of being fraudulent or ripping people off, we will more than likely take action. Just remember that we are not responsible for any sales on this site and that the sellers and buyers make transactions at their own risk.

    If someone has had a pattern of not following through, taking money and never sending items, etc., please let the Staff know. One incident gone bad is unfortunately not something we are getting our hands into. Please take caution and research the seller/buyer!

    In order to cover yourself, you should try to always buy insurance or tracking on shipping, that way you have proof that the item was shipped. Most of the time it's less than a $1.

    Paypal is also a great & suggested way of making a purchase. By using Paypal you will have documentation of the transaction through them & they have a transaction dispute process that can help you get your money back, if something goes wrong. The Paypal website says you have 45 days from the payment date to open a dispute.

    A good idea is to review the Feedback thread we have located here Feedback Thread You can review Feedback left in this thread to see if there are any reviews of the seller/buyer.

    We also have another thread that lists members that are no longer allowed to sell/buy items on SOS any more. You can find that list here **MEMBERS BANNED FROM BUYING/SELLING ON SOS** It is a good idea to check this thread before making a transaction, to see if there are any new additions to the list. If you notice someone on the list trying to buy or sell items, please let staff know asap.

    Please leave feedback if you can. It's a real help to both buyers & sellers if you post feedback whether it be Positive or Negative.

    Another great tool for leaving feedback is by using the itrader tool. You can leave feedback or check the feedback of a member by going to the left side of a members post & clicking on the number next to the word classifieds.

    For Example:

    Join Date: Jan 2004
    Posts: 39,389
    Blog Entries: 1
    Classifieds: (3)
    Activity: 65%
    Longevity: 99%

    Not everyone uses this, so it is also a safe measure to check the feedback thread as well.

    **There is absolutely NO selling or giving away prescription medications. Not only is this ILLEGAL, but itís VERY dangerous as well. While your intentions may be good it is WRONG & will not be tolerated.

    If anyone sees a post selling or giving away medication, please report the post asap.**
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