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Thread: Care Packages?

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    Care Packages?

    I stay at home with my new son and was wondering how I can put myself to work while I'm not "working". I was just wondering how many of you would consider hiring someone to make and ship care packages to your children, spouses, friends currently deployed... I'm realizing it takes a lot of time to do the shopping, packing, and shipping (especially with a newborn) and I thought it might be a good service for some people.

    Lemme know please.
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    I think it's a great idea in a theory, but I think many members actually enjoy shopping for things for their SO's. I know when I was sending carepacks, I found them to be pretty therapeutic and really looked forward to putting them together.

    I hope you get some business!
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    I personally wouldn't... but that's just me. Good luck!
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    It is a great idea though as there are people out there that would love to send care packages but don't have a clue as to what to get.

    If you were to do this, you could create a list of what the member likes/wants/needs/wishlist and the purchaser could give you a price limit that you could incorporate into your cost/charge to the customer.

    I didn't make care packages for others, but I had a lot of women come to me for Avon mini's and skin so soft and the deoderants, etc because they are inexpensive and travel well. I still send care packages to the troops using those products as well.

    Have you asked around the base you are at to see if there is any interest? Maybe put up a flyer on base advertising that you do the service and I am sure if someone is interested, they will contact you.
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    They have companies online who do it. I think you would just have to be creative and maybe make carepackages for more than just the troops (college students etc).
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    sorry, i wouldn't. just cause i always save the shopping for one of my most depressed days when i really missed him, or for a time when i just really needed to get out of the house. and it was kinda like i was spending time with him just because that's all i was thinking about was him and how he would feel when he opened his package and saw each certain thing inside. but heres some i'm sure some women with very busy schedules could use the extra hand
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    Me personally no. I like the feeling that I am taking care of him even though hes thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe.
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    No sorry.
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    For my husband I wouldn't because I like to make him homemade cookies and brownies and like just finding just little things I think he might like and making him little cards and notes, I like him knowing that I really put effort into those for him. But it is a good idea, even though I wouldn't by them for my husband you could make them for college students, new mothers, or oh good idea how about a military wife's care package with stuff to help them get through deployments esspecially for a first timer little things to help them deal and cope. There is definately a market for things like that I just think that most wives would prefer to do them for their husbans.
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