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Thread: What kind of printer do you have?

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    What kind of printer do you have?

    Are you happy with it?
    How frequently do you use it ... does it cost a ton of money in ink?

    Today I went to buy new ink for my new printer (bought it just 1 month ago) and hte colored ink went from $16.00 - which was alreayd expensive enough! To $19.00 ... so I didn't buy it! And I haven't really used it much to print color .. .meaning hte ink doesn't go far at all.

    I need to print a bunch of color stuff off - but do NOT wnat to spend $20.00 a month JUST for colored ink (blakc is expensive, too)
    I'm ocnsidering one of those kodak printers that they advertise are cheaper for ink
    Any input?
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    I have a brothers printer. Its a really good printer but ink is soo expensive. We spent so much money. The black alone is $33 and the color trio is $55
  3. Am
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    HP is the way to go. I've had mine 5 years now. No problems. I don't remember what it cost but for 5 years I've gotten my money's worth.

    The ink cartridges are about $19 or so but they last a while. We print pretty frequently (notes for class, papers, coupons, etc) and buy a cartridge once a semester probably.
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    We have a kodak with wifi and love it . The ink is only $25 for both color and black together.
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    We have a wireless Lexmark printer. I'm not sure how expensive the ink is but they have a recycling program where if you send back three empty cartridges (I think it's 3), they send you one free. We don't buy ink that often either... Black once every two or three months and color once ever 4 or 5 months. I love having the wireless printer too. So convenient. <-- Our printer
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    That one is ours and I LOVE it. We get the XL cartridges and they are like $30/piece but I print ALOT and we probably only replace it once every 4-6 months. Ours is wireless too which is my favorite part.

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