Hey everyone,

ODS is selling Christmes Wreaths with his Cub Scouts pack this year. You can go to www.sherwoodforestfarms.com and have a look at the items they have. They are really nice, fresh and real and delivered straight to your door, or you could send one to a friend or family member as well. Prices include shipping.

W4M 22" Mixed Evergreen Gift Wreath $ 35.50
C5M Gift Centerpiece $ 32.00
S4M Gift Door Swag $ 33.50
N7M Cone Gift Basket $ 29.00
W3M 28" Nobel Fir Gift Wreath $ 39.00
G3M Western Cedar Gift Garlands $ 40.00
EGM Evergreen Gift Set (W4M and G3M) $ 68.50 (save $7.00)

All orders delivered within 2 weeks after Thanksgiving. Check or money order accepted.
PM me if you'd like to place an order.