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Thread: TONS of baby items- you pay shipping and it's yours (Uber image heavy)

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    TONS of baby items- you pay shipping and it's yours (Uber image heavy)

    Ok I have a TON of baby stuff to get rid of, and I know there are some families in need of new things, so I am going to put everything up on here for a few days before I go to Goodwill. I'm not charging anything, but I do need you to pay for shipping if you want anything. So. Here goes:

    A) Light flannel receiving blankets:

    E) Huge stack of washcloths and thin cloth diapers (the type used for burpees; They look like these, but there are about 20 of them.):

    F) Infant caps:

    G) 6-12 mo bucket hat with velcro chin strap:

    H) 6-9 mo Halloween onesie, sleeper, and red t-shirt (not a onesie):

    I) 12 mo button-down flannel and suit (white button down, vest and shorts):

    K) 12 mo rompers:

    L) 18 mo shorts:

    N)18 mo T-shirts (no crotch snaps):

    O) 18 mo rompers:

    R) 18 mo footed sleeper:

    S) Size 3 infant soft-soled shoes, wrist rattles:

    T) I also have about 20 bibs, the picture of which has disappeared.

    Ok, I tried to put them in groups I thought people would want the whole group of, so I would prefer that you take the entire letter if you want some of the group. If you can't afford shipping for the whole group, that's ok, I'll split it up.
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    holy wow... that's really generous of you!
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    Just PMed you.
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    Alex's nephew just turned one.... I wonder if he needs any clothes.
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    How much would shipping be for A and O? I have a nephew that could wear the 18 month rompers and my cousin is about 5 months along and I know she can use the receiving blankets.

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