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Thread: Pampered Chef Anyone?

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    Pampered Chef Anyone?

    I just wanted to let everyone know I just started selling pampered chef. I am very excited that I have started doing this. I am doing it to meet new people and give me something to do in my spare time. If you would like to order something you can go to I do not have a website just yet! I am trying to see how things are going to take off, as I do not know many people at the base I am at. There are different ways I can do an order. They can be done via private messaging or you can send me a number I can contact you at and we can do an order that way. I have an order being put through tomorrow or the beginning of this week if anyone is interested just let me know! As a guest to the "party" if you spend $60 or more you will receive a free pamepred chef cookbook of your choice. For the month of September stoneware is 20 % off! I hope to get a couple of orders and get this business going right! Thanks
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    how do i purchase stuff and direct the profits through you? I wanted to just buy stuff online and you get the benefit of it..

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