Hey girls!!

I just started selling MaryKay Cosmetics! My website is


If anyone in the area would like to host a party I will gladly drive to Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Pope AFB, or I am in Raleigh.

Just let me know if anyone is interested!

Here are some incentives for hosting a party:

Free Product Spree:
You can get either 10%, 15%, or 20% of your total event sales to use towards getting products free! The percentage that you get is based off of how many parties are booked directly from your party…. So if you have no bookings – 10%, one booking 15%, or two bookings 20%. So if you guys know some friends that are interested in hosting a party…. This would be the way to go! J (It’s always great when you can plan ahead with friends to get the maximum benefit!!!)

A Deal to Love:
You can get $75 worth of products of your choice for $35. If you have a party of at least $200 (which trust me…. This is very easy to do J) then I can order you up to $75 worth of products at wholesale prices which is 50% off their regular costs. This is a really easy way for you to restock some of your favorite cleansers, moisturizers, etc…. at really low prices.

A Free Hostess Gift
Choose from a magnifying makeup mirror or cosmetic bags – you don’t have to have a minimum amount of sales to get this!