my mother has acquired baby boy clothing from a coworker clearing out her closets. my mother michelle currently has all the clothing located at her house in escondido (san diego county) *if u are local she doesn't mind if u wish to come pick up items i will gladly give you her number and address*.

pm me and i will forward orders to her. accepting paypals
all items for sale are $2.00 each --- if you wish to buy the age group lot let me know and i will give you a deal!!!!!

6 months
2 sleepers

2 sleepers
1 pair of pants

*image is 12months*

3 sleepers
6 onesies
1 overall
1 pant
5 shirts

*image of 18months*

4 sleepers
4 onesies
1 overall
3 pant
9 shirts

24 months
2 overalls
2 shirts