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Thread: Melaleuca

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    Question Melaleuca

    Does anyone have experience with Melaleuca? I'd love to hear from people who have either tried the products, or who have sold it.

    I recently became a customer (am waiting on my first shipment )... and am trying to decide if I want to start referring customers and building a little business. I don't need to make a ton of money or anything.... but a few bucks here and there would be nice!

    There are a lot of great things I like about the company philosophy/products... but I'd like to hear more about the individual experience. Anyone?

    I've been making a serious attempt to run a "green" household. I figured I should probably establish these habits BEFORE I have kids

    I know firsthand the dangers of chemicals... Agent Orange REALLY fucked my dad up.... and I am 99.9% convinced that it also led to my insulin resistance and PCOS. So I definitely feel that going "natural" is the way to go.

    Anyone? I should be getting my first shipment this week.... can't WAIT to try out their cleaning supplies
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    I have looked into it- but I did not like the way they wanted you to buy the product every 2-3 months even if you did not need it, I did not like the way they presented the product and thier 'sales" pitch.

    it is an MLM - I just never saw any reason to do it when there are so many "green" products on the market right now.
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    never heard of them either.. is it just green cleaning supply things or do they have basically anything "green"
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    I think the products are great, except they come in such small portions.. I wouldnt suggest selling them, I did it for about 6 months and it sucked, I was spending more money on the products and wasnt really getting any money in return. Its more of a hard sell, than it is just showing the product and it selling itself..

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    I've never heard of it. I can go to just about any store now though and get 'green' cleaning products.
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    I did that about 5 yrs ago or so, I LOVED it! I'm not sure why we haven't signed back up yet, but I stopped when we moved to San Diego. I was never disappointed in their products...the nicole miller makeup was the best makeup I've ever used. The attain products are good (I'm trying to remember if I have the name right). Good environmentally friendly stuff
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    My MIL uses melaleuca & although I do like the laundry detergent, I prefer to stick with my woolite personally. I really didnt like that you had to order like $80 worth of product to stay a member (or at least that was what I was told by my MIL)
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    I did it a few years ago. I think their minimums are REALLY high. I still have some of their protein bars hanging around the house, I'm sure. That was probably my only complaint, though.
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    I did it a couple years ago and although I liked the products, I hated the minimum spending requirement. I think it was $80 a month or every other month.
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