As promised, I am now posting pics of the 2 sweatshirts. I couldn't find the purse still yet, but, I did find a pair of Baby Phat and Oscar De La Renta sunglasses (and both of the sunglasses are real, not knockoffs.) I'll post pics of the D&G purse as soon as it is found.
The Armani sweatshirt. It's white, size tag was never in it, but it is real. It does have the Giorgio tag on the inside of it, I can post a pic of it as well. I'd say it could be either a medium or large though.

Gucci sweatshirt. It has no tags in it at all, so, I'm guess it's not real. I'd say it could be a medium or large as well. (To me, almost any size sweatshirt can fit someone, but, I can do measurements for both, if requested). It is grey, with Gucci symbol stitching on gold on the front.

Oscar De La Renta sunglasses. They are real, I took a picture of the trademark on the side. They are vintage, I'd say maybe 1980s or 1970s. (for the sunglasses I even modeled them a bit ha, please be kind, I look like anything BUT a model. Just wanted to show you what they look like on someone with a round face shape.)

Baby Phat sunglasses. Same as above, except not vintage.

as always, post on here or PM me for details. I'll edit it and let ya'all know if something is sold. Enjoy