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Thread: Extra money from home-totally legit-

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    Extra money from home-totally legit-

    I use a few sites to make extra money at home..

    The first one I use you take surveys and collect up points and once you get 1,000 points (not hard at all) you can get a check. I've only been on 1 month and have earned 5,000 points, I just got my 50.00 check! But you get get checks at any 10.00 amounts. To sign up for this one I just need your first name and your e-mail and I'll send you a referral

    the second one I use is probably the easiest. All you do is click on adds that they send to your account, and you get .05 per add you click on, and they pay you EVERY friday directly to your paypal account! The link to sign up for that one is

    The 3rd one you also do surveys like the first. for this one I'll also need your e-mail to refer you.

    All of these are free to sign up for, so there is NOTHING to lose why not make money while your on the computer. With this economy EVERY little bit helps. It's easy and fun! Either reply here or just PM me!

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    Didn't you already post this?

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