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Thread: Wanted DS lite

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    Wanted DS lite

    My nieces birthday is coming up in August and she has been asking for a DS lite.... I have looked everywhere around here and cant find any store that has one I was wondering if anyone had an extra one or one they were looking to part with.
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    Have you checked stores like Game Stop? I got my son his at Sears in the mall, but I know that Game Stop sells them all the time new and used.
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    Hey odd but my walmart has a crap ton as of yesterday I do believe I could pick one up and ship it to you if you PPd me the money if you really wanted. Good luck!
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    #4,, and think radioshack has them) all sell the DS lite as well as the new DSi. i was looking to buy one last week and all the sites had them in stock. eBay also ALWAYS has tons and tons of them

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