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Thread: A Sale For Your Husband

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    A Sale For Your Husband

    Because he loves you, and makes you feel special, and you want to do something nice for him to show him you care and are thinking about him, and want him to feel specail.. I am doing a sale on the mens Mary Kay Line MKMEN. Like the other sales I will list what it is the Retail price and what I am selling it to you ladies for..

    Mkmen Body Spray. $14.00 I am selling it for $10.00
    Mkmen Shave Foam. $10.00 I am selling for $8.00
    Mkmen Cooling After-shave Gel. $14.00 I am selling for $10.00
    Mkmen Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 25 $22.00 I am selling for $15.00 (I sent this to DH while he was in Iraq, And he loved it. He still uses now that hes home.)
    Mkmen Face bar.$14.00 I am selling it for $10.00

    Mens Fragrance Gift Sets.
    These are the Gift sets:
    We have available in the ambery oriental fragrance of MK High Intensity or Domain, A blend of lavender and oak moss, each set includes two cooling after shave gels 2.5 fl. oz retail and 1 fl. oz travel size, and two body and hair shampoos, 6.5 fl. oz retail and 2 fl. oz travel size.
    $40.00 dollors each, I am selling for $32.00

    Mk High intensity cologne spray,
    Oriental fragrance, $38.00 I am selling for $30.00

    Tribute Men Spray Cologne,
    A sporty masculine scent, $25.00 I am selling for $20.00

    Domain Cologne Spray,
    A blend of rich lavender and oak moss, $34.00 I am selling for $28.00

    Velocity for him cologne,
    The freshness of mountain air and the crisp, clean scent of wooded forests, $28.00 I am selling for $25.00

    A great way to make the man in your life feel specail.
    Remember Fathers day is comming up also.
    I dont charge shipping or taxes to my Msos girls.

    God didn't have time to make a nobody." Mary Kay Ash.
    Wifey to LukesLilTrooper
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