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Thread: Books, books, books!

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    Books, books, books!

    I went through my book collection today and have decided to sell those that i have read/no longer interested in reading. Most of them are meant to be for young adult readers. PM me if you have any questions. Prices do not include shipping. let me know if you would like to see pics.

    The Odyssey-Homer ($4)

    This mainstay of the Western literary canon recounts the journey of Odysseus, king of the island-nation of Ithaca, and his ten-year voyage home following the Trojan War. The narrative details the hardships and trials Odysseus must surmount, the gods and mythic creatures he must outwit, to once more lay eyes on his beloved Penelope.

    3650 Jokes, Puns, & Riddles ($5)

    Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul ($3)

    Chicken Soup for the Preteen's Soul ($3)

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul ($3)

    Sweet Valley Twins-Big for Christmas-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have been invited to the biggest, best Christmas party of the year. They can't wait. Even high school kids will be there. They've already planned the perfect outfits when they hear the terrible news: Their parents forbid them to go. Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield insist they're too young. The twins are absolutely furious. They go to bed that night, wishing more than anything that they were grown-ups with the freedom to do whatever they wanted. The next morning, Jessica and Elizabeth wake up and discover that the most amazing thing has happened....

    Sweet Valley High- Jessica's Secret Diary-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Dear Diary,
    I'm leaving home. I can't stand it anymore. Elizabeth stole the man I love. I've lost everything to her. I hate being a twin. I hate always being compared to perfect Elizabeth.

    Only you know, Diary, just how much she's taken from me. After tonight, I'm not sorry I went behind Elizabeth's back with Jeffery French. I'm not sorry about any of the things I did to her.

    Good-bye, Sweet Valley. From now on Jessica Wakefield is going to be one of a kind!

    Sweet Valley Univerysity #1-College Girls-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are about to begin the most exciting year of their lives...

    Jessica has everything she's dreamed of: freedom, independence, and all the guys on campus-except the one she wants.
    Elizabeth hopes college will be just like high school-only better! Her longtime boyfriend, Todd Wilkins, wants their love to go furthur. Can their relationship surivive freshman year?
    Enid Rollins, Elizabeth's high school best friend, is glamorous Alexandra now: party girl, sorority pledge-and no friend of Elizabeth's.
    Winston Egbert vows to be taken seriously at college. But he's been registered as "Winnie" and put in an all-female dorm!

    Sweet Valley University #2-Love, Lies, and Jessica Wakefield-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Jessica Wakefield finally has wealthy, thrilling Mike McAllery, the man of her dreams. How far will she go to keep him?
    Elizabeth Wakefield has uncovered a major scandal at SVU. But when the story spreads, it may destroy the guy she loves.
    Tom Watts vowed never to fall in love again-until he met Elizabeth. Will he hide his love for the sake of an old promise?
    Todd Wilkins is a big man on campus with a gorgeous new girlfriend. But the special treatment he's getting as a basketball star seems too good to be true. Is it also too good to be legal?

    Sweet Valley University #3-What Your Parents Don't Know...-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Jessica Wakefield has proved she's an adult once and for all: she's moved in with her boyfriend, Mike McAllery. But how will she keep it a secret from her family?
    Elizabeth Wakefield and Tom Watts are collaborating on a huge story for the campus TV station. Could there be more to this partnership than news?
    Winston Egbert is a fraternity pledge going through hazing hell. How far will he go to prove he really is Sigma material?
    Celine Boudreaux wants William White, but William want's Celine's roommate, Elizabeth. Celine never had liked Elizabeth. Now she's really out to get her!

    Sweet Valley University #4-Anything for Love-Francine Pascal ($2)

    Jessica Wakefield thought living with Mike McAllery would make things perfect between them-but now he doesn't even come home at night. What will she do to make sure he's really hers?
    Elizabeth Wakefield is torn between the mysterious Tom Watts and the romantic William White. She's not sure how Tom feels about her, but William is a sure thing...
    Tom Watts loves Elizabeth with a force that scares him. By the time he finds the courage to tell her, she's already involved with another man.
    Elizabeth's friend Nina Harper is the victim of an ugly racial attack. Who is the evil mind behind the secret society that's wreaking havoc on campus?

    Anthem-Ayn Rand ($4)

    He lived in the dark ages of the future. In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice. In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to seek and find knowledge. But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted. He was marked for death because he had committed the unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless human herd. He was a man alone.

    Who Are You?-Joan Lowery Nixon ($2)

    When police detectives tell Kristi Evans and her parents that a man named Douglas Merson has been shot in his home, it means nothing to them. But it becomes significant when they learn that Mr. Merson has kept a secret file on Kristi for years. Suddenly Kristi finds herself trying to discover who he is and why he has intruded into her life. When Kristi visits Mr. Merson in the hospital, she learns that he's a professional artist. He wants to help her pursue her own dream of going to art school. Krisit's parents have never understood her passion; they want her to do something practical. Now this stranger seems to be offering her the piece that has been missing from her life all along, but at what cost to her family? Who is this man who seems too good to be true?
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    How are you selling the Odyessy, Ayn Rand and Sweet Valley High books all together? And with a straight face? It seems like some kind of sick joke. One that I want no part of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennypage View Post
    How are you selling the Odyessy, Ayn Rand and Sweet Valley High books all together? And with a straight face? It seems like some kind of sick joke. One that I want no part of.
    I've been a pack rat with my books, and i figured it is time to get rid of them.
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    i used to love svu books! lol

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