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Thread: Adult and Teenage Books Part 1

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    Adult and Teenage Books Part 1

    I will post more later but all those will be are harlequin romance type novels. This is what I have so far.

    Pattern Recognition by William Gibson $12
    Robert Frost Early poems $6
    Number the stars by Lois Lowry $6
    Tim Allen Don't stand too close to a naked man $12 (so funny)

    Chicken soup For the...
    Teenage soul hardcover $12
    teenage soul II $10
    teenage soul III $10
    Teenage soul on love and friendship $10
    Teenage soul journal $10
    Teenage soul letters $10
    Pet Lovers soul $10
    Soul (green cover) $10
    Couples soul (loved it) $10
    Golden soul NEW $10
    Mother and daughter soul NEW $12
    Romantic soul $10
    Sisters soul NEW $10
    Soul of America NEW $12

    Teen love on relationshipe $10
    Teen love on friendship $10
    (if you buy all 8 of the teen ones I will sell them to you as a lot for $68)
    1001 ways to be romantic

    Making the cut by Jillian Michaels NEW $15
    The biggest loser by Bob Harper NEW $16

    Breakfast with God NEW $5
    Sunset with God NEW $5
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    Might want the mother and daughter, and the 1001 ways to be romantic.. Let me check my budget and get back to you.. Also, I paypaled you!

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    Number the Stars is one of my favorite books!
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    was this one good?
    Making the cut by Jillian Michaels NEW $15

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