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Thread: 18 mth girls summer clothes HUGE set of 94 items [IMG HEAVY]

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    18 mth girls summer clothes HUGE set of 94 items [IMG HEAVY]

    It appears I went a bit nuts on clothes when DD was in 18 mth size! This is a complete summer wardrobe with 18 t-shirts, 17 pants/capri's, 7 2pc sets, 15 dresses, 3 rompers, 2 onesie dresses, 5 overalls, 1 shorts overalls, 1 shorts PJs, 7 shorts, 1 swim suit, 4 hats. Yeah, I did go nuts shopping back then. I've put (UK) after any item that I got over there. The George clothes in the UK are better quality than the ones over here.

    The tags for each picture are the brands from left to right, back row first.

    Back Row: Knickets Elite, Wonder Kids, Carters
    Front Row: Sonoma (shorts and purple t-shirt) & carters white t-shirt, Little Me, Beluga New York

    Back Row: Mini Wear, ??, ??, Cherokee, NEXT (UK), Faded Glory
    Front Row: Gymboree, Izod, Cherokee, NEXT (UK), Early Days (UK), George (UK), Morris Mouse (UK), Cherokee, George (UK), Kute (UK)

    Youngland, George, George- this one is New With Tags
    Youngland, George, Youngland

    Little Precious, Bonnie Baby (UK), BT Kids
    Ringaroundarosie, Tiny Tea (UK), NEXT (UK)

    NEXT (UK), Mini Wear, George (UK)

    Baby Connection, Okie Dokie, Baby Togs

    Child of Mine, Carters - Both are unworn but no tags.

    Cherokee, Baby Mac, Mothercare (UK), Gymboree

    CK Shorts overalls

    Faded Glory jacket, NEXT skirt- these are obviously not an "official" set, but I put them together and they look cute.

    Just One Year t-shirts and shorts PJs

    Faded Glory, Riders
    Wonderkids, George (UK)
    Kid Connection, Carters, Kid Connection

    Sand & Sun swimsuit
    Disney Little Mermaid swim diaper (I have a matching hat which I will include, just couldn't locate during photos)

    Faded Glory, Circo, Kid Connection
    Wonderkids, Eve Angel (UK), Kid Connection
    Kid Connection, Cute Ones (UK), Kid Connection
    Now & Zen (target), Now & Zen (target)

    Faded Glory, Eve Angel (UK), Cherokee
    McKids, Carters, Faded Glory

    Gymboree, Old Navy
    Old Navy, ??- this last one is reversible with a green inside.

    That's the lot! 94 items for $120. That's an average of $1.27 each.

    As always, shipping is the exact amount (and will be shown on the shipping label). USPS Parcel Post is usually the cheapest, but I also check UPS. PM me your zip code and I'll get you a shipping quote. Feel free to combine with shoes or other items I'm listing!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
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    if you still have all this when my check clears i will buy it all. thats all the clothes she would need for a season.
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    I wish I had a baby
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    Ill take it all if no one else wants it

    No one is guaranteed happiness. You can pursue it, but if you happen to find success along the way on that road to happiness, Conservatives believe you should not be demonized or penalized for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inmansgirl06 View Post
    Ill take it all if no one else wants it
    Right now it's on hold for Mommy2Bailey pending her tax return coming in next week. If she changes her mind, it's yours.

    I do have a 24 mth set too.... In fact, I've got 2 sets- fall/winter and spring/summer. The summer one is up, I need to repost the fall/winter since the server ate it.

    Don't forget to check out the shoes!!! Can you tell I'm desperate to sell these shoes?

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