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Thread: Question about giving something away???

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    Question Question about giving something away???

    I have a box of Nicorette fruit chill gum. Dh was going to quit chewing a while back so I bought this for him. He never ended up using it. The outer wrapper is gone, because we opened it up to read the booklet inside. Everything is still inside the box and the pieces of gums are individually wrapped inside.

    Is it ok/acceptable to give it away to someone on here if they wanted it.... or if it's something they may use? It was a behind the counter item when I purchased it and not for sale for people under 18

    It cost like $25.00 bucks if I remember correctly...mabye a litte bit more.

    Anyway I can give more details on it, it if would be acceptable to give away? All I would ask is shipping for it. They expire July of this year and I would hate to see them go to waste.
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    I would think it would be fine but thats just me
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