I didn't see anything like this, and I kinda have a horrible habit of finding random shops online and forgetting completely what they are!

So, this thread can be a collection of mine (and yours if you want to post!) lists of places to shop online that are good quality/cheap/unique/etc

Here's a key for all the shorthands I am going to use in order to organize what the sites are as to not waste your time if it's some super expensive site you'll never want to visit.

This isn't just for stores you can find in any mall like PacSun or Hot Topic or American Eagle, it's for more specialized shops that are harder to come by, or just online boutiques!

Oh!! And there will be an Etsy section because it's kinda an addiction.

$$ - Pricey
$* - Pricey but has AWESOME sales!
# - Addorable
! - Smaller sizes
% - All sizes
HM - Hand made things
ND - Indie Style/Mod style
VN - Vintage style
M - Men's clothing
K - Kids
SP - Screen printed (NOT iron on! )
MD - Mainly decor

I'll add more when I come across sites.

ModCloth - $*, ND, VN
Anthropologie -$$, VN
Urban Outfitters - $*, ND, M (there are a lot more stores popping up, but still! There isn't one in Tallahassee )
Free People - $$, VN
Threadless T-Shirts - SP, M, K

Elsewares - $$
Urban Outfitters - $*, ND
ModCloth - $*, ND, VN
brooklyn5and10 $*
Threadless - (this is their prints, posters)

I'll add these when I'm not lazy.

HOKAY! That's all for now. I'll add more in as I do more browsing around the internets.

If you want to add your own sites (PLEASE DO!) Just give me the URL and label it with the key above, or make your own key/shorthands! Really!

Hope everyone finds these useful, off I go to find Etsy and it's lovely lovely hidden treasures.

PS. I hope this is okay that I do this. If it's not just delete this and I'll understand. And I hope this is where it goes? I didn't think any of the other forums really fit the broad spectrum of things I want covered.