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Thread: Wanted--more like needed

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    Wanted--more like needed

    little boys size 5 adjustable shorts!! or if you can tell me where to buy them online i will love you forever!

    my poor boy wears the same 4 pairs for shorts.

    why does Hawaii sell winer clothes when it dosent get cold here?

    please and thank you!!
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    I got a heap from Walmart for ODS to wear to school, they have the elastic with the buttons to adjust them

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    I would try Old Navy online. I feel your pain as well. My kids are growing out of the clothes they have and all I can find in the sizes they need are winter clothes, which we do not need in HI.
  4. IWwife
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    I know I have a ton that Jake just grew out of I can send pics if needed just pm me! I will only ask that you pay for the shipping other than that they are yours!
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    try Children's Place
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    I was just thinking that I need to go through yds drawers... I'm pretty sure that he has atleast one or two pair of 5's that he's outgrown. I can check for you later in the week, if you'd like!
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