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    Looking For

    Hey ladies,
    I'm trying to help my sister save some money on her first set of college books. If anyone knows of students how have Calhoun Community College books that they do not want please let me know. I'm looking for (do not have course numbers), Math, biology + lab Manual, and English (text and reference). Please let me know and I'll pass the word on to my sister.

    Again thank you ladies.
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    If you go on the school's bookstore website and check on the courses, they'll give you the titles of the books. The books will probably vary by professor, not the school. I know that the books that I used at a community college in NY my roommate used at a private school in DC and vice versa with my brother (he's using the same books up there that I used down here). If you have the titles of the books people might have them
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    If you know the book title AND author (because I had a problem with my off campus book store buying the wrong book for one of my classes. Same title, different author), you can also check places like Amazon,, etc. and see about ordering them.
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