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Thread: Games - Wii PS2 and PS3 - WORK OUT DVDs also

  1. So there i was ..........
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    So there i was ..........
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    Games - Wii PS2 and PS3 - WORK OUT DVDs also

    Wii games for sale most never played. (all come with case and manual)

    Pets Dogz 2 - Wii -sales for 20 dollars - will sell for 16 dollars GREAT FOR KIDS

    Ultimate Alliance - Wii super hero game - well sell for 25 retails for 50

    Playground - Wii retails for 30 i will sell for 20 - great for kids

    Enchanted Arma PS3 NEVER PLAYED- retails for 40 - will sell for 25 OBO

    Playstation 2 thrillville - 10 dollars played 2 times - reatils for 20

    Playstation 2 winnie the pooh game 5 dollars - i am not sure what it retails for

    All prices were looked up on walmart - shipping 2 dollars

    Work out dvds are

    Carman Electra's - aerobic Striptease "vegas strip" - 10 dollars obo

    Prevention Fitness systems - express workout - belly butt and thighs - STILL in plastic - 10.00

    10 min solutions kickbox bootcamp - 8 dollars

    biggest loser work out 2 - 10 dollars

    AS YOU CAN TELL i lost weight before i got preg lol

  2. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    uggh i want to get some Wii games. but I'm broke.

    I will miss you SOS...
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