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Thread: Books to give away

  1. Mom to Rebekah
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    Big Grin Books to give away

    I need to clear out my book shelf, so I am giving away some books
    I will ship them to you for nothing, i just want them GONE

    just let me know which one(s) you want.
    pm me

    1. "The Killing Gift" Leslie Glass taken
    2. "Shattered" Dean R Koontz-taken
    3. "Forgotten Sins" Robyn Donald
    4. "The Darker Half" Stephepn Kingtaken
    5. " Judge and Jury" James Pattersontaken
    6. "Imperfect Strangers" Stuart Woodstaken
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    Mom to Rebekah
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  2. 웃♥유
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    imperfect strangers!!
  3. lord help us all!
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    lord help us all!
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    dude, i'll take whatever! i am out of books. lol

    but only if no one else wants them...not a big fan of that type of book
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    Can I get the Dean Koontz? Dh loves those during deployment.
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    I'll take whatever is left...I love to read and am always looking for a new book! pm if its ok with you!

    maybe the killing gift?
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  6. Old Name: Marines_Princess
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    can i have the last one thats not taken please?
    "Forgotten Sins"

    Lovin' My MSOS Wifeys!!
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