Hi everyone! It's Sarah If you didn't already know me.

So I got this idea today after a few people told me I should go with it.

I have posted pictures before ( just can't seem to find the links) of my work.

I sew Pillows(kinda like those for your couch, or even beds) as well as tote bags. I feel like I have gotten good enough to offer them for sell.

Unsure of the amount to charge yet, as figuring out the price of supplies and shipping etc. On top of me making a small profit.
I am working towards saving money for going home and all proceeds will go towards that.

I am thinking $20 for the pillows (depending on the fabric it could be an extra $5 for quilt like fabric). Plus shipping.

For the tote bags they will be a little cheaper, possibly $10 for supplies, and shipping and my profit.

All I will need from you is...

type of pattern/fabric you'd like.
Size: for your bed, or for your travel or couch pillow. (the size will also be a factor in price).

Tote Bags:
the size (give me an example of what you will be using it for)
type of handles (ribbon, rope etc.)

Please don't let the price worry you. As I am negotiable.

Also please keep in mind that Christmas is coming up and these will make great gifts!

Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions please PM me. I'll work on some "examples" and post pictures soon.