My name is Mariem Bennett and i am a loan officer with PrimeLending , we are a lender so we have our own processors and underwriter and we fund our own money . we are not a brokers .
We offer 100% financing in three different programs , VA,USDA and ACCESS program .
Our customer service and knowledge about the business has maintained our business very steady, when others are having problems with their companies .
I offer a free financial review for every one interested to purchase a property , since it is a 100% buyers market, or perhaps do a refinance for a cash out or lower the current interest rate/payment .
I do commercial and residential loans .
My experience as a navy wife gave me a much better understanding in how helping other when they need it .
It is very hard to move from one are to another and figure out which are the best location to move in and put out families .
My information is below and if you need any other information please call or email me .
Talk to you soon
Mariem Bennett
Certified Mortgage Planner
Office 912 227 2447