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    I have two pieces for sale, if your local NOB/Oceana command area:

    (The items are comparable to these)

    The actual company website is:

    I have the black rot iron shelf paid $180.00 for it, asking $90.00 has only been used for decorative display and lovingly cared for....(This piece I only have the actual iron shelf) There are five shelves. Each self holds a 'bread' basket adequately. There are wooden shelves that can be put on top. I never purchased though, you could probably buy those on EBAY if you were interested.

    The other piece I have is the corner unit, same type of shelf. That piece I paid about $300 for the set? (This set is the stand, 3 wooden shelves and 3 corner baskets, no liners, no protectors). Asking $150 if you collect and love them like I do.

    I'm only parting with them and want to sell a bunch of my baskets. B/C I want to change decor. They are all new, have only been used for display purposes in our home. Are dusted monthly and periodically I rinse them out in cool water and let them air dry than launder the liners.

    I have a large assortment of baskets. I would be interested in selling the whole collection (All baskets, liners and protectors) for market value of them (Approx. $1500?)

    If your interested PM me please

    The rot iron, I can't/won't ship to heavy pointless. The shipping fees would be through the roof.

    The actual basket collection I have. I would ship that if your outside of my area.


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