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Thread: We found a happy medium.

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    Jump for Joy We found a happy medium.

    I gotta brag for a sec.

    Life is better than ever.

    My family was able to have a routine that works sooo well for us!
    Basically, I get to hang out with my girl friends on the weekend (typically Sunday) while my husband takes care of the kid.
    Then on either Tuesday or Thursday, I have a playdate with a lovely coworker/friend once a week; giving my husband his own "me time" for several hours (which consists of playing games with friends in peace without a screaming toddler in his face).

    And not only that, our playdates are fun, I freaking look forward to them and come back refreshed, happy, and thankful that I have another mom who is on the same wavelength when it comes to parenting, work ethic, and interests.

    Sadly husband's schedule has been changed just recently, but ill be sure to make sure he has time for himself.

    But man, didnt think this would be possible with a child/toddler | balancing work and relationship xP.
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    Great for you guys! Glad it's working out.
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