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Thread: First College Acceptance Letter!!

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    First College Acceptance Letter!!

    Omg yíall...having your first child being a senior is hard. Like where are the sleepless nights of a toddler?! I miss them.

    That being said, DS got his first acceptance letter to Texas A&Mís engineering program!! Itís in his top five for colleges, so itís exciting. He got his congressional nominations to the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Merchant Marine Academy...but those letters of acceptance for academies donít come out until March/April timeframe. I pray he gets into at least one, because heís worked his whole school career for a military academy. However, itís awesome to have A&M as a back up. Their Corps of Cadets is really good and he can still commission as an officer, which is his end goal. He also has applied for Norte Dame, George Washington, Rutgers, and the Citadel.

    I am beyond proud of him and just wanted to brag. Every time we check the mail, we are all on edge. It was fun to see his whole acceptance packet today!
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    Congrats! I remember how good it felt to get accepted to colleges. Very exciting time!!
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    congratulations to him!!!!
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    So exciting!!!

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    Those are all amazing schools!! Congrats!!! How exciting!

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